Dunbar Note Funding, LLC
is a national note buyer of
Dunbar Note Funding, LLC is a national purchaser of Structured Court Settlements, Lottery Winnings, Annuities, Seller Financed Business Notes, and Privately Held Mortgages.
What is a note? / What does this mean?
Simply this….if you are collecting an income stream from one of these categories, and you need or want cash now, we can help.
Why would you want or need cash now?
Pay for college tuition
Pay medical bills
Start a business
Obtain the financial freedom you desire
If you are receiving payments and would prefer to have a lump sum of cash now, please call us today toll-free at 1-800-596-4260 obtain a free no obligation evaluation of your note or payment stream. If you prefer, you may also submit a confidential online quote request. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you free up the cash you want or need now. **ATTENTION All Banks: We Also Purchase (Non Performing) Commercial & Residential Loan Portfolios!** Minimum Portfolio Size: $5,000,000
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